About Us

Why choose Baldaran?

We have created Baldaran Spring JSC so that we can offer the Bulgarian market a high quality healthy product from an ecologically clean region. The company has an extremely skilful and professional team, since our employees have been working in the water sector for more than 20 years. As we strive to provide our consumers with the best, we have chosen to extract our water from one of the highest springs in Bulgaria- Baldaran. The spring is located in the heart of Rhodope mountain at an altitude of 1327 metres above sea level. 

About the water

    Our spring water is bottled in the town of Devin at a factory, which contains equipment up to the latest industry standards. Due to our modernised cutting-edge equipment, the qualities of Baldaran spring water are preserved. 
    The spring water is an extremely delicate product, which is highly influenced by its surrounding environment. Ideally, the spring water should be derived from an ecologically clean region, which is far away from big cities and is free from any industrial production. In the best case, the spring water should be extracted from mountainous areas.
    Baldaran spring water has very low mineralisation and is ideally suited for everyday use by all family members. Our water’s low sodium and fluoride content makes it wholesome for infants, little children and adults. The water’s total mineralisation content is 90mg/l and its pH is 7,68. Baldaran spring water does not put strain on the human organism. 

Did you know that…?

The human blood is slightly alkaline… 

    The level of pH in our bodies alters depending on the foods and drinks we consume. When the level of pH in our bodies declines drastically or exceeds its optimal value, the balance between the acidity and alkalinity in the blood is disrupted. Such misbalances in the human organism lead to illnesses. 
    We would like to announce proudly that we provide spring water with neutral pH of 7.68. Thus, we offer a healthy natural product, which ensures that all human organs function well. 
    The taller the spring, the cleaner the water! As said above, our water is derived from Baldaran spring- one of the highest springs in Bulgaria. The spring is situated at the base of “Batashki Snejnik” summit (2082 metres), оn the land of “Fotinovo” village, 15 kilometres away from the town of Devin. This locality has been famous for its water resources from the distant past. The region is known as “Baldaranski Charkove” and it is a place where craftsmen have been building numerous workshops for water-driven mills. 


System for quality management - ISO 9001:2008 certification

For production and bottling of spring and carbonated water - ISO 22000:2005 certification

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